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3d design

التصميم ثلاثي الأبعاد

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ورشة كيفية شراء الموبايل والحاسوب

ورشة لاختيار الموبايل المناسب وكيفية معرفة معلوماته واختيار ما يناسبنا من اجهزة الهاتف المحمول وكذلك بالمواصفات والسعر المناسب كذلك كيفية اختيار الحاسوب المناسب لنا ومواصفات الحاسوب وكيفية الاختيار المناسب وتوفير المال والوقت والجهد وجلب ما نريد من تكنلوجيا تناسب غرض استعمالنا لها

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ورشة القراءة

لتعريف الطلاب كيفية اختيار الكتب وكيفية قراءتها واختيارها

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ورشة أمن المعلومات

ورشة أمن المعلومات لزيادة الوعي التكنلوجي لدى الطلبة عن عمليات الاختراق الالكتروني وكيفية حدوثها

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Our Story

Why Khutwa.

The reason for naming the project khatwa You know the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, step by step towards the path of success, step towards the achievement of ambition. Everytime you learn a new thing you add a new step in the way of your success. That's why we loved the name of the project 'Khutwa' in order to motivate new students and graduates.

1 - Background

Khatwa's team met with a group of trained trainers with experience various scientific fields and initial agreements were made with them to hold scientific workshops, the details of which will be published in succession.

2 - Giving Courses

Do you want to train your team, customers, or students in an easy way? Do you need to hand out certificates to your participants and want a powerful way to customize the certificates? Then contact us to apply for an instructure job nd have your team start learning in no time.

Khutwa Partnerships

Expertise France

Through its actions in the field, Expertise France contributes to the social solidarity and influence objectives of French and world development policy.

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University of Mosul

Since its establishment, University of Mosul has been dedicated to provide an integrated academic and lifestyle environment with many elements and services that work together to create an ideal lifestyle for students.

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